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Meet The New England Warriors

Team Roster


Christy "Icebox" Gardner

President/Co-Founder/Captain #19

Christy is a medically retired Army veteran who served for approximately three years as a Sergeant with the Military Police. She has been playing sled hockey for five years and is the captain of the US Woman's National team. She played for the USA Warriors out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center until she and Ian founded the New England Warriors based in Maine. She is considered the teams superstar, especially since she is the only one with her own Wikipedia page.


Ian "Battleship" Ramsdell

V.P./Co-Founder/Captain #77

Ian is a medically retired US Navy veteran who server for over 15 years as a Petty Officer First Class. He has been playing sled hockey for three years and he began playing sled hockey with the USA Warriors Program while recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center until he co-founded the New England Warriors with Christy


John "The Chirper" Curtis


John has done things, a great many things. So many of these things have been thung that the thingings have thunged. 
Still waiting on a bio for John.


Mahlia "Mini Mao" Schneck

Forward/ Volunteer # 2

Born on an ice flow and raised by penguins.. Found in a metal basket. Added some skates and gave her a stick, now she won't get off the ice. "Ooooooh Shiny!"

Mahlia is one of our volunteers who is a double amputee who has grown tremendously being around her "big brothers."

Ide Pic_edited.jpg

Gordie "The Grinder"Ide

Volunteer/ Defenseman/ #6

Gordie is a volunteer with the team who came to the program upon being injured playing stand up hockey with his high school team. He is constantly joking around and missing the net.

Ide Pic_edited.jpg

Gordie "The Grinder"Ide

Volunteer/ Defenseman/ #6

Gordie is a volunteer with the team who came to the program upon being injured playing stand up hockey with his high school team. He is constantly joking around and missing the net.


Kevin "Brady Bunch" Marcotte

Forward #9

Kevin served in the US Army in the 25th Infantry Division for five years and the Maine Army National Guard for eight years. He is currently employed by the Maine DOT, keeping the roads clear and safe for all. 
He starts his day with a breakfast of gunpowder and rock salt.


Ken "The Quite One" Senko

Forward # 15


Will "The Show Pony" Rolfe

Will "The Show Pony" Rolfe

Forward #3

A Air force veteran who had images of grander while he served with the 59th MDW San Antonio Texas. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in June 2016.
He loves to run around the flight-line with his arms out wile making airplane noises. Currently attempting to find a way to take flight by flapping his arms "really" hard.


Matt "Beefcake #1" Cain

Alternate Captain/ Defenceman #16

Matt s a former US Army Airborne infantryman who served honorably for four years as a Specialist with the 82nd Airborne Division. He deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He came to the team after being recruited by "The Icebox." 

He enjoys chasing squirrels with his dog during his downtime. 


Kyle "The Jet" Jacques

Center/ Volunteer #18

Kyle is a volunteer player who can not get enough hockey. He is currently a college student and played high school hockey for four years and has been playing for the New England Warriors for two years. You throw the puck up the ice and he will chase it down. He may not score, but usually when he does it sure is pretty.


Marc "One Hit Wonder" Fountain

Defenseman #24

Marc joined the warriors for the 2016-2017 season. Marc is a medically retired Veteran having served in the Air Force and Army Reserve with 22 years of service. Marc worked with Ian to advocate for student veterans at UMass Lowell.  He is currently attending graduate school to continue his education.


The New England Warrior wants to wish Marc the very best and will always offer their support, as he begins the journey as the newest Warrior Chapter, The South Carolina Warriors. 


Josh "The One Padded Wonder" Gould

Goalie/ 2016-17 Team MVP/ #35

When he is not stopping pucks he is allowing the opposing growing players to score on him so they can "experience" how it feels. He is a Marine veteran who earned his nickname from his skills in net.


Mike "The Rookie" Gray-Liscomb

Forward/Penalty Box Bench Warmer #99

Mike was in the Army for six years as an infantryman. He was stationed with the 1st Cav, 4th ID, and the 25th IN Div. As he so eloquently put it, he "got hurt in Iraq," and was medically discharged. In his free time he likes to play with rocks and sticks, and like Bergdahl, likes to take quiet walks in the desert, while accompanied by his two best friends, Shadow and "My Mind." Is like totes man-crushing on Matt Cain and Ian's Beard.


RIP - David "Gramps" Schaller

Defenseman/ Goalie # 29

The New England Warriors are saddened to lose a brother in arms. David always was there to offer a word of wisdom and even after his unfortunate death, he continued to support the Warriors. We want to offer our sincerest condolences to his family during this difficult time.


David is the resident token grandpa and served in the US Marine Corps. He is gracious enough to be our backup goalie and normally plays out of the net.
His favorite pastime is riding around in an ambulance so he can "make the siren sound" and eating crayons.


Bob "Coach Baab" Jacques

Head Coach/ Volunteer

Coach Baab is married and the proud father of two boys. He has been involved with sled hockey for five years as a Pusher and Coach. He has worked with the Springfield Sliders Junior Team, the Western Mass Knights and the New England Warriors. He was the Assistant Coach for youth hockey for 10 years and President of Westfield Youth Hockey for 3 years. His favorite hobby is "Drinking beer from prosthetic legs" and licking the ice after the Zamboni has cleaned the ice.


Nichole "The Manager" Ramsdell

Team Manager/ Asst Coach/ Minion Wrangler

Nichole is the most winning manager in New England Warriors history. She is a supplier of cookies, juice boxes and band-aids. She aids in keeping the puck bunnies at bay, and Coach Baab wishes he had her win streak. 

Minder of the "Minion" as well as this merry band of misfits. 

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